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Mercury Walch Staff

At Mercury Walch, we’re not just one of Tasmania's biggest print shops; we're a passionate group of people who care deeply about our craft and our planet. Our roots in Tasmania have taught us the value of both creative tradition and innovation. Every day, we're excited to combine our decades of printing expertise with a commitment to sustainability, ensuring each project not only looks great but also honors the environment.

Our journey through the years has been about mastering the art of printing while always keeping an eye on how we can do better for our world. We believe in using resources wisely, choosing eco-friendly materials, and creating print solutions that leave a lasting impression without a lasting impact on the earth.

Dark MOFO Festival Program

Dark MOFO Festival Program

What we offer

Mercury Walch offers a complete range of brand enhancing print services tailored to your needs – we are the complete end to end solution to your printing needs.

Mercury Walch’s offer includes:

  • Large and Small Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Direct Mail
  • Cartons and Packaging
  • Wide Format
  • Binding of all types; wiro / comb /  thermal / perfect binding, saddle stitching, forme & die cutting, carton gluing
  • Warehousing and Despatch

Mercury Walch is ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 Environment, FSC Forest Stewardship and HACCP Food Safety certified and is audited yearly across all of these disciplines.

Environmental Initiatives

Mercury Walch derives a large amount of its electrical power requirements from 298 solar panels on the main factories roof.

FSC accredited, Mercury Walch offers papers that can be traced back to the very tree they came from. We are proudly the only Tasmanian print shop offering this accreditation. All our house stocks are FSC.

Imposition is the art of putting as much on a sheet as you can. We use it to its maximum to ensure your costs stay down and we use the smallest amount of paper possible.

We reduce what we use, we recycle everything we can and reuse where possible. Mercury Walch reduces our waste with efficiency in ink and paper technologies, recycle all our paper, card and aluminium waste and reuse everything from imaging oil to turning paper waste into writing pads.

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The b kinder workbook

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Fishers of Freycinet Packaging

We so appreciate your offering to support the ball each year and your ability to get things done, particularly so last minute to such a high level is amazing. We recognise that you always go above and beyond to print little extra things for us and we feel so grateful.
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