Packaging: Fishers of Freycinet

Mercury Walch collaborated with Story and Brand to create standout packaging for the Fishers of Freycinet soup range. Our in-house CAD design expertise brought the client's vision to life, with each carton meticulously tested and trialed. The final products, adorned with intricate illustrations, made a striking impression in the factory, enhancing the appeal of the three-product range.

Our hands-on approach with CAD mockups and trials ensured a smooth launch, highlighting the importance of involving MW early in packaging design for seamless integration of form and function.

Fishers of Freycinet

Fishers of Freycinet Soup Packets


Fishers of Freycinet


Fishers of Freycinet

"We really liked the packaging, Mercury Walch know what they're doing. Big time."
- Fishers of Freycinet